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From concept to maintenance, we have you covered.


We have tanks, lights, skimmers, salt and all of the livestock you could ever want.  From fish food to water filters, we have you covered.


We employ only local experts in the trade.  We don't tell you what you want to hear, we tell you the facts and let you make an educated decision.  If we don't know the facts, we know who to ask.


We have every day low prices and frequent sales!  We strive to give you more for less whenever possible.  Our products may be of the highest quality, but that doesn't mean you have to spend the most.


The Store

Just a taste of what we offer


LPS, SPS, Softies and more!


Many beautiful species to choose from!


Shrimp, Crabs, Anemones, Snails


Pumps, Skimmers, Salt


Need water for your tank? We offer both fresh and saltwater


Don't know what you want? We can offer inspiration!


A little about Cuttle Fish and Corals

  • before the store

    Our Humble Beginnings

    It all starts with a man named Jeffrey Slemp and his message: "I finally got my first saltwater tank when I was eighteen years old. I bought a twenty-nine gallon "saltwater kit" from Petco for one hundred and ninety-nine dollars that claimed to have everything you need. It was a great learning experience and spent many hours at Soutas’ saltwater store back when he had his garage shop. The kit made me realize that I was only scraping the surface of the hobby and the depth of my passion for saltwater aquariums."

  • before 2012

    It Begins!

    Jeff spent six years in Denver running a large saltwater maintenance company, Ocean Apart. This company serviced hundreds of tanks in Denver and the surrounding areas. He serviced tanks ranging from 20 gallons to 22,000 gallon tanks. He had a blast doing it. He always planned on moving back to Oregon, and when an opportunity presented itself, he jumped on it. He started small and focused on quality over quantity and excellent customer service. He finds pure joy in the incredible diversity that the world's oceans have to offer. His goal was to be able to pass on this experience to our customers. 

  • 2012-2016

    The Store is Born

    Cuttle Fish and Corals always strives to be a little different than your average aquarium store. We try and make sure the entire purchasing experience – from visiting the store to setting up your aquarium – is great for everyone. Cuttle Fish and Corals truly cares about its customers and really want each person to leave satisfied. The best part of our business is sharing the knowledge, passion, and enjoyment of the fascinating marine world with our customers. 

  • November 2016

    Expansion Time

    For the second time, Cuttle Fish and Corals had grown bigger than it's britches.  A new shop was born in Hillsdale, OR.  A quiet but central location in a busy area.  The store has amazing parking, a beautiful and spacious interior and everything you could possibly imagine for your reef aquaria needs.


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